Heli Pile

Mini Piling Foundation System


The need for a quick and simple lightweight piling system was determined in the early 1990's. It was not until the middle of that decade that this desire, with the help of a "Smart Grant" from the Department of Trade and Industry, bore fruit. The result was the "Millennium Product" award winning Heli Pile.

The lightweight piling system can be installed almost anywhere

Since the introduction of the Heli Pile at the Civils Exhibition in 1998 it has lead the way in modern mini piling concepts and techniques.

Originally developed as a lightweight piling system for remedial works to housing affected by subsidence, its versatility has allowed the applications to be much wider and more varied than first imagined.

Used in combination with the Bar Flex masonry reinforcement system the Heli Pile can be designed and used as a standard "pile and beam" repair method. The system is very quick and easy to install giving an efficient and cost-effective solution.

New build applications are not forgotten and as such new foundations may also be cast or bolted on to the previously driven Heli Piles. The lightweight equipment ensures that there is little disruption, even on the wettest or most difficult sites.

Because of its unique design it is very effective in tension. This allows it to be used for retaining wall stabilisation and mobile telephone mast and tower base foundations to name just a few.

A series of Standard Details are available showing the various uses and giving a full method statement. Full specification details can also be supplied.

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