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Leaning Retaining Wall in awkward location

Hello, can any/or combination of your solutions be used to prevent a substantial retaining wall, extremely close to neighbours house, from leaning any further. Photos available.

Asked 7 months ago by Stephen Harnley

Answered by
Robert Hall

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your question.

As I am sure you will understand, there are many caveats when trying to answer a question without seeing the actual situation. If "extremely close" is less than 1m then access to the wall would be very difficult. If the space is >1m then it is possible to use our Heli Pile solution which involves core drilling through the wall and then driving Heli Piles at an angle (about 30 degrees) to a suitable depth into the supported ground. The Heli Pile is then connected to the wall thus restraining it from any further movement. We usually combine the use of the Heli Pile with our Bar Flex and Bond Flex beaming system to distribute the loads across the whole retaining wall.

If you could send across as much detail as you have directly to my email ( I would be very happy to elaborate on our complete solution. It would be helpful to have the following information: Location (to understand the soils involved); distance to neighbour's property (to understand access requirements); materials and thickness of the wall; height of the wall and height of retained soil (for engineering purposes); &, any photos that you may have and, if it is not obvious, a short explanation of what the picture is showing.

I hope that is helpful for you and I look forward to receiving further details.

Kind regards

Robert Hall

Answered 7 months ago

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