Lintel Failure

Target's Method of Repair

Target is able to both repair failed lintels and install new lintels using the same method.

By installing Bar Flex horizontally into the masonry joint above the opening, we are able to replicate the effect of a much larger and more intrusive steel beam, but in a hidden, cost-effective solution.

Target Fixings Lintel repair
A typical fix of a lintel above a door and window

Mortar is raked out above the window and a bead of Bond Flex is installed, before Bar Flex is laid into the cementitious grout. Once installation is complete, the cut slot is repointed with matching mortar.

A second row of Bar Flex can be installed further up the wall, if required, to take the compression load, while the lower level of Bar Flex takes the tension load.

If you were looking to replace the windows, or expand the opening, this can be safely done once the Bond Flex has cured, typically after 28 days.

Bar Flex can even be used on large openings, as seen in the video below where we test Bar Flex on a three-metre opening and a 2.5 tonne load.

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