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Density to Resist Wind Loads

C.P. 3 Chapter V, Part 2, 1972 and amended in 1986, describes a wind exposure chart which is reproduced on the right.

Wind Zones A, B and C are defined as follows:

 - Wind Zone A - Basic wind speed up to 44 m/s

 - Wind Zone B - Basic wind speed of 44 - 52 m/s

 - Wind Zone C - Basic wind speed over 52 m/s.

The wind suction table, below, takes account of the effects of the slope of the land within 1km.

Where the structure height is over 15m the fixing density must be factored by 1.52.

Wind Zone Slope of Land
within 1km
Batten Thickness - mm
A Up to 1:
1:20 to 1:
No Limit4.
B Up to 1:
1:20 to 1:
No Limit6.611.07.05.5
C Up to 1:
1:20 to 1:
No Limit7.612.58.56.0

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