Retro Flex Remedial Wall Tie

The System

The Retro Flex system of wall tie replacement is available in three different diameters of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. It offers the advantages of a non-expanding mechanical fixing on the far leaf and a polyester resin or cementitious grout fixing on the near leaf.

Proof testing of the far leaf using a Target Load Test Unit can be performed randomly as installation proceeds. Because the fixing method employed does not induce additional stresses into the substrate Retro Flex can be used in many and varied materials, from poured concrete columns to aircrete blocks, with satisfactory results and there is no concern to achieve the vital edge distance spacing necessary with any expansion fixing. The design of the Retro Flex remedial tie ensures that any potential for installer error can be minimised. The multiple drip design of each fin allows the Retro Flex to be installed at an angle of up to 25° towards the inner leaf without the possibility of any water transfer across the cavity. It is recommended that each Retro Flex is installed horizontally.