Retro Flex

Installation Procedure

  1. Drill a 10mm or 12mm hole through the near leaf using a SDS hammer drill. The hole should be 25mm from the end of any brick and on it's horizontal centre.
  2. Push the pilot drill and drill extension through the previously drilled hole and drill a pilot hole into the far leaf. Note: If the far leaf is a soft material this procedure may be omitted.
  3. Insert the Retro Flex tie into the Power Support tool, insert the combination through the hole in the near leaf and, using a SDS hammer drill, drive the Retro Flex tie into the pilot hole in the far leaf.
  4. Once the Retro Flex tie is installer into the far leaf pilot hole the holding capability can be checked using a Target Load Test Unit. As a general rule about 1kN loading in tension is an adequate bond.
  5. After an acceptable proof test is performed the near leaf connection is made using Target Polyester Resin or Bond Flex XL cementitious grout. The drilled hole may then be colour matched for an excellent finish.

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