Heli Pile

Site Testing

Site testing is achieved by means of a small hydraulic testing kit and, to suit all site conditions, it mat be performed either in tension, for soil compression where it is utilised as a pile. Because of the ease of testing, it is also possible to use a correlation between a tensile test and a compressive load.

Instead of working to 'characteristic' loadings which have been attained in laboratory conditions the capability of simple in situ testing allows the Heli Pile to be tested in the actual site conditions in which it is installed. Proof testing gives the specifier confidence in the Heli Pile to cope with the imposed loads and permits a much lower factor of safety to be utilised.

Heli Pile mast bases for the telecommunications industry have become widely accepted by the major networks. The in situ proof testing of the Heli Pile and Insurance Backed Guarantee have been a major influence on this market. The fact that the Heli Pile can be uprated or even extracted at a later date is also seen as a major green credential.

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