Heli Pile

Installation Procedure

  1. Inspect and check area for services.
  2. Mark out positions of Heli Piles avoiding any services.
  3. Create a pilot hole using the Heli Spike with a sacrificial Heli Cone.
  4. Extract the Heli Spike leaving the pilot hole ready for the Heli Pile.
  5. Start Heli Pile in the pilot hole by hand.
  6. Secure Drive Head Washer to top of pile and drive the first metre.
  7. Remove the Drive Head Washer and attach another section of Heli Pile, replace Drive Head Washer.
  8. Continue to required depth.
  9. For tensile testing place load spreaders local to the installed Heli Pile.
  10. For compression testing attach beam across other installed Heli Piles.
  11. Attach Heli Pile Load Test Unit and load test Heli Pile. If there is a shortfall in the loading, add more sections as above or allow period of time for strength gain.
  12. After testing drive Heli Pile to final position.
  13. For remedial work, as shown below, ensure masonry is clean and install Bar Flex as per the project specific Standard Detail.
  14. Shutter local area to Heli Pile and pour concrete to size and strength detailed on the project specific Standard Detail.

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