Fast Flex

Additional Uses

The potential uses for this products have only just begun.

Fast Flex can be used in many unique and fascinating ways. They may be driven into the bottom of posts to fix them securely into a poured concrete base. Their design allows them to be placed very close to edges without danger of splitting the timber.

When fixing timber posts for gates or fences to brickwork the Fast Flex offers an easy solution. A 5-6mm pilot hole is drilled through the post and into the masonry whilst holding the post securely up against the wall, and then hammering the Fast Flex straight into the hole. Because they are stainless steel there is no finishing requirement to resist and future possible corrosion.

Fast Flex may also be used to fix softwood noggins or rails into timber frames without splitting the timber or requiring and drilling.

Door frames can be similarly fitted to aircrete blocks by staggering the fixings up it's length without danger of splitting the blocks as can occur with expansion type fixings.

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