Dri Flex

The System

Dri Flex ties were developed as a result of the identified need to drill smaller holes in masonry to control the amount of spalling caused when drilling the near leaf. A large hole drilled through a brick using a SDS hammer drill can result in up to half of it spalling away. This material can cause bridging of the cavity and moisture transfer, and leaves a much reduced fixing thickness for the near leaf connection. Drilling for the Dri Flex tie requires hole sizes reduced to between 5mm and 7mm, which dramatically reduces the spalling of the brick. Dri Flex offers the advantage of a non-expanding mechanical fixing to both the far and near leaf. Pre-installation testing should be performed to the requirements of local standards and technical help and advice is available. Because the fixing method employed does not induce additional stress into the substrate, Dri Flex can be used in many and varied materials, from poured concrete columns to aircrete blocks, with satisfactory results. Edge spacings, so critical with any expansion-type fixing, are not a requirement with Dri Flex.

The design of Dri Flex remedial tie ensures that any potential for installer error can be minimised. The multiple drip design of each fin allows the Dri Flex to be installed at an angle of up to 25° towards the inner leaf without the possibility of any water transfer across the cavity. It is recommended that each Dri Flex is installed horizontally.

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