Dri Flex

Installation Procedure

  1. Drill a 5mm to 7mm pilot hole through the near leaf and into the far leaf 15mm deeper than the length of Dri Flex tie being installed, using a rotary percussion drill. The hole should be 25mm from the end of any brick and on its horizontal centre line.
  2. Insert the Dri Flex tie into the Power Support Tool, offer the free end of the tie up to the hole in the near leaf, and using a SDS hammer drill, drive the Dri Flex tie into the pilot hole.
  3. Once the Dri Flex tie is installed into the near leaf pilot hole, it will proceed across any cavity and into the far leaf. The Dri Flex Power Support Tool is designed so that the end of the Dri Flex is set below the surface of the near leaf.
  4. The new near leaf pilot hole may then be filled with a mastic material and/or colour matched for an excellent finish.

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