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The compatibility of the Bond Flex XL and the 8mm Cem Flex have been assessed and approved to work together. Whilst the Bond Flex XL cementitious grout is a very high strength material - ≈ 40 N/mm² - by incorporating the flexible and elastic Cem Flex the treated structure is permitted a degree of movement. Experience has shown that allowing continual but controlled movement in a structure is very beneficial to it's long term life. A heavy duty anchor that attempts to stop movement altogether has been shown to store up potential problems, and may even end in a sudden and catastrophic failure.

Bond Flex XL cementitious grout is formulated to produce a thixotropic material that flows readily under pressure - allowing rapid void filling in deep holes - but will not drip if used overhead.

The initial cure time is very rapid and a non-shrink agent ensures that a good even bond is achieved. It is supplied as a complete material in either 3 or 6 litre packs offering consistent mixtures time after time.

The contractor does not need to add any extra material and has a clean mixing bucket for each mix. The working life of the material can be extended by reagitation and will be in excess of 30 minutes.

Cem Flex is a Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel material with a very pronounced profile to ensure a good bond with the Bond Flex XL cementitious grout. Being stainless steel the issue of 'coverage' requirements does not arise.

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