Bow Flex

Utilising Structural Elements

By utilising the existing structural elements of the building the solution is simple, cost effective, less disruptive and much quicker to install.

If the Bow Flex tie is fitted into the side of the second floor joist the strength and load sharing is achieved via the floor boards on top of the joists and the ceiling boards below the joist crossing from one joist to the next. The old X or S connecting bar is effectively replaced by the floor and ceiling boards already in place.

When the joists run into the wall and sit in pockets within the masonry the fixing is achieved with a short Bow Flex tie being fixed into the end grain of each joist. If the joist is continuous through the property a fixing at each end should produce the required effect. Care must be taken to ensure that any unconnected overlaps, perhaps on a central load bearing wall, are structurally jointed to allow continuity through the full joists.

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