Bow Flex


The ability to test after installation makes this a versatile and effective repair method for stabilising bowed walls. In addition, Bow Flex can be installed with very little disruption to the aesthetics of the property - certainly when compared a patress plate!

It must be borne in mind that Bow Flex will not pull a bowed wall back to its original position; it is designed to stabilise walls in their current positions. Bow Flex is recommended for use in bowed walls of two storey properties that have moved no more than 50mm from the perpendicular. More severe conditions can be accommodated for but this will require a bespoke solution - please contact us or a suitably qualified engineer.

Proof testing requirements have been discussed more fully under the Testing heading, but a loading of around 1kN is generally sufficient for most situations.

It must be understood that this is a proof load and not a test to failure. If higher loading are required this can be achieved by introducing more Bow Flex ties.

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