Bar Flex


Bar Flex is available in four different diameters of 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for use in different applications. Lengths are available up to 10 metres long.

The uses for Bar Flex are both wide and varied and it can be utilised in new build and for many specialised refurbishment requirements.

In general terms the 6mm Bar Flex is used for the reinforcing of existing masonry structures. By combining the Bar Flex with Bond Flex XL cementitious grout, beams that can span over openings, as a lintel, or over soft areas of ground when footings have failed, can be installed into existing masonry with very little disturbance. Crack stitching can be achieved by using 1m lengths of Bar Flex.

The 8mm Bar Flex is used for new build masonry reinforcing. The larger fin dimensions give it a far better bond into a standard building mortar than the alternative round section wire. The increase in the tensile strength during the manufacturing process also requires less overall material to be used.

For heavy applications the 10mm Bar Flex is in a class of it's own. Very strong in tensile and shear, when combined with the bonding capabilities makes this a truly versatile, high strength product.

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