#02 Cracking Clinic


This Q&A webinar gives you the opportunity to discuss your structural cracking concerns directly with the experts.

After a brief introduction to Target we get straight into concerns that you have with your property, and we are happy to field questions about any cracking that you have!

The session features a huge variety of ways you can speak with the experts - you can activate your microphone, use an interactive whiteboard to draw your problem, share photos, or you can simply just type your question into the live chat feed.

You don't even have to share your property dilemmas if you don't want to, as you can simply listen along and get in touch afterwards... although the session will not work if no-one brings a problem!

If you are bringing a problem, please bring as much detail as you can! Generally you will be asked what material the property is made from, the size, shape and location of the crack, whether it gets worse at certain points in the year, and if there is anything nearby (e.g. trees or drains).

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Webinar Series #2 - Cracking Clinic

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