High Rise Structural Repair Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, UK

Target were consulted by the Local Authority Engineers and asked to provide a specialist repair solution to a significant and often common problem. Bar Flex reinforcement and Retro Flex remedial wall ties were utilised for the solution.

The original inner leaf had been replaced years ago and any wall ties that didn’t align with the new coursing were just bent back without additional ties being installed. In addition, the brick panels between the floors of the six storey structure had continued to expand whilst being restrained between the concrete floor nibs. This had caused the panels to bow and force the slip bricks away from the nibs. At third floor level the brick panels and slips had bowed outwards by about 50mm.

By introducing the Bar Flex into the bed joints along with its bonding agent Bond Flex the masonry became a reinforced panel as was able to span horizontally between the vertical concrete columns. The floor nibs were extended utilising the existing slip bricks and the introduction of Retro Flex ties and Bond Flex grout. Movement joints were then cut in calculated positions to eliminate the existing problem and remove any chance of reoccurrence.