Edward Hall


Edward has been working for Target for over ten years, joining the company aged 17 after completing his A-levels.

Like most of the staff that join Target, Edward started his apprenticeship in the warehouse, and has had a hand in the manufacture of tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of Skew Fast, as well as the rest of the helical wire range including Bar Flex. After learning the qualities of the materials induced during manufacturing, he spent time on site, learning the intracacies of installing the Target system.

Today, Edward is involved in all aspects of the business, primarily overseeing marketing, HR and other administration. In testament to his - and Target's - diverse skillset, Edward even designed and built the very website you are reading this from! Edward is also a Qualified Franchise Professional (with his sister, Penelope) - an achievement gained in order to understand how best to maintain the Target Structural franchise.

In his spare time, Edward is a keen badminton player and watches his beloved Arsenal. He enjoys travelling around the UK visiting National Trust and heritage properties and his interest in ancient history has even taken him to the ruins of Pompeii.

Target Fixings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Holdings, which is owned by the Hall family. We are proud to be a family business.

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